Monday, 23 February 2009

World-Class Ice Hockey Comes Again to Hong Kong With MegaIce's Hockey 5's Tournament

The internationally acclaimed Hockey 5's Tournament will be held again in mid-2009. 60 teams will compete in the largest ice hockey tournament in Asia.

MegaIce Hong Kong, home of the Hong Kong Ice Hockey League, will organize and host Asia's largest ice hockey competition (the Hockey 5's) again in 2009. The dates will be April 28 - May 2 2009 for the Youth championship, and May 5-9, 2009 for adults.

30 youth teams and 30 adult teams will compete for the title, with over 1000 players expected to participate. Teams from the following countries have been invited:
1. China
2. Canada
3. US
4. Thailand
5. Singapore
6. UAE
7. Germany
8. Taiwan
9. Malaysia
10. Japan
11. Macau
12. Manila

The Adult weekend will include divisions for international teams, Asian teams, women's teams as well as older aged Youth teams from 14-18 years old. New events for this year include:
1. A Parent/Child game for Youth teams
2. Happy Gilmour Golf Tournament as an additional competition
3. Super skills competition with prizes for fastest skater, hardest shot, breakaway challenge and elimination
4. Welcome party for adult competitors
5. Personalized hockey cards for players
6. Merchandise now available

Keith Fong, MegaIce Deputy General Manager, expects the event to top even last year's success. "The Mega Ice Hockey 5's tournament brings so many great players together - professionals with real talent. It does so much to encourage team spirit, a healthy lifestyle, and the fun of ice hockey for children".

"We're expecting an even bigger turnout this year, and a much more interactive event for all concerned", Mr Fong continued.

In many cases, the Mega Ice Hockey 5's has been a club's introduction to international competition. "The parent and child games will make for a nice gentle way for families to interact. The experience should be exciting and inspirational for all the teams involved", said Mr Fong. "The first and only international sized ice rink in Hong Kong will again be the perfect venue, despite the expected increase in human traffic from last year to this year", he continued.

About MegaIce:
Mega Ice rink measuring size at 26 metres by 57 metres, is the only international sized, largest in Hong Kong. Situated in the Beehive atrium of MegaBox next to a 30-meter glass window with full views of the harbour, Hong Kong's first venue will be able to host Olympic qualifying games and international leagues. The facility had further advanced Hong Kong's position as the host of world tournaments in ice sports. Aiming to bring Hong Kong for the first time world-class International skating competitions like Asian Figure Skating Championships, the Asian Short Track Speed Skating Championships. A multi-purpose venue designed for performances, concerts, exhibitions, corporate and private functions and even birthday parties.

For more information please contact:

Keith Fong
Mega Ice - Deputy General Manager
Rink Management Group Limited
Unit 1, Level 10 MegaBox, 38 Wang Chiu Road,
Kowloon Bay
Mobile: (852) 9181 1662
Fax: (852) 2709 4030
Email: keith ( @ ) megaice dot com dot hk

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