Monday, 19 January 2009

Mega Ice’s Youth Hockey Program Developing Rising Hockey Stars

Young hockey players are swarming to Mega Ice Penguins Hockey Club to learn the basics of the coolest sport on earth and lay the foundations necessary to become stars of tomorrow.

Sports company Mega Ice each year teaches the finer points to dozens of young hockey players, providing knowledge of the game and developing skills to ensure Hong Kong’s youth are ready for the rough-and-tumble sport in their later years.

Mega Ice offers a uniquely designed level-5 certification program for beginners to advanced players. Skaters are trained by highly qualified coaches who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Skills such as skating, stick-handling, and shooting the puck are covered extensively to drive home the basics needed to become a top player. Advanced training is also available covering the finer points of the game to push up-and-coming players to the limit and ensure they become highly skilled skaters.

There are about 200 kids participating in ice hockey in Hong Kong. Some of the youngest are seven years old and range to their mid-teens. Many children are attracted to the game after watching it being played live at rinks around the city such as the Mega Ice surface in Kowloon’s MegaBox mall.

Mega Ice offers a systematic coaching program to students developed according to the Ice Skating Institute (ISI). The ISI Recreational Ice Skater Test Program was developed and used as a worldwide standard for more than 40 years, and provides a logical progression of skating skills' development.

About Mega Ice:

The Mega Ice - - ice rink is the only international sized facility in Hong Kong bringing world class hockey, skating and figure skating to the public. The multi-purpose venue is designed for performances, concerts, exhibitions, corporate and private functions and even birthday parties.

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